Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lahontan Reservoir Recreation Area

I am at Lahontan Reservoir again this year! The water is the lower than on any of my other visits! There is 1 developed camping area but there are miles of beach to camp on. I chose this spot as it is away from the more crowded areas!

Lots of campers, boaters and fishermen around the lake! Any fish caught should not be eaten as they have a very high level of mercury. The mercury is from all the mining done in the past. I prefer a catch and eat method!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Birding at Fort Churchill

I am out everyday doing my bird thing. In the evenings and during the night, I have been hearing a short repetitive raspy screech! I listened to all the local night bird calls on several birding apps but none sounded like what I was hearing so last night, I decided to hunt it down. I slowly worked my was thru the woods as the sun was setting. To my surprise, there was a Great Horned Owl sitting on a limb about 6 feet off the ground making the noise! I slowly backed away and left it to its screeching! None of my birding apps has that call for a Great Horned Owl so I may head out again tonight and record it. I did have a great bird hike this morning. I identified 38 species and got some great pics! A couple of my favorites are this Great Egret in mid step with its refection below.

Another is this Mourning Dove sitting on a barb wire fence with a cow, slightly out of focus, behind it!

While glassing over a small flock of White-crowned Sparrows, I spotted this female Lazuli Bunting!

As you can see, like many female birds, she is drab in color!  This is great camouflage that protects her and her young from predators when she is sitting on a nest! To see more pics and a complete list of today's birds, click here: Fort Churchill ebird list

Monday, September 17, 2018

Fort Churchill State Park Silver Springs, NV

As beautiful as the Twin Lakes area is, I decided it was time for new scenery. It is still too hot to head south so I went back north! I am now at Samuel Buckland's campground in Fort Churchill State Park. This campground is an oasis in the desert! Looking at the below pics, you will see what I mean!

That is part of the remains of the fort. It was an Army fort built to protect settlers and also a Pony Express station.

Here is my campsite. Lots of large Cottonwood trees. Most sites are very shady but I chose one that has lots of sun for the solar panels plus my rear windows face away from other campsites and toward the Carson river! It is $15 per night. It has pit toilets and plenty of potable water spigots! It also has a dump station that can be used at no additional cost!

Here is the Carson River. This time of year the rivers run pretty low in the desert! It flows from Carson City and into Lahonton Reservoir where I stayed on last years trip. Daytime temps are in the 80's and night time near 50.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hiking for an overview picture!

I have been wondering what kind of view I would have if I hiked the hill beside the campground!

 I started out planning to climb to the top but when I arrived at the big boulder, circled in black, I decided that would be a good place to stop. I did not realized that it was on a bench so I was only 2/3 of the way to the top. Here is a pic looking back at the campground. I am using large pictures so you can see the details!

Here is a view of Twin Lakes. Upper Twin Lake is barely visible in the background. The two lakes are connected by a narrow channel.

There were 3 things that would have made the hike easier. 1. Wear boots and not tennis shoes as they quickly filled with rocks! 2. Hike in the morning not the hottest part of the day! 3. Take my hiking stick for stability on loose gravel slopes!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Awesome Twin Lakes Birding

Started this morning with 3 Great-horned Owls hooting and flying treetop to treetop around my campsite! I tried adding a video of an owl hooting but it would not play to here are a couple still pics.

The owl below leaned forward and lifted its tail to hoot! I had never seen that before but they were all doing it!

I tried adding the video to my ebird list but even though the site claims to support MP4 files, it would not accept the file! I identified 31 species on today's walk. There are 2 lists for today as the owls are on a separate one. They came by before the sun cleared the ridge so it is a bit dark! Here are a couple pics from today.

 A Clark's Nutcracker. There were lots of these eating seeds from pine cones.

A Green-tailed Towhee. To see a complete list of today's birds and more pics, click here: Twin Lakes bird list

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Twin Lakes-Bridgeport,CA

I will be spending the next couple days here at Twin Lakes. There are 6 Federal campgrounds in this area. Some are along Robinson Creek, which is the creek that flows out of the Twin Lakes basin. I chose one closest to the lakes and without reservations. It is $23 ($11.50 with my Senior discount) per night with paved sites, pit toilets and potable water. All sites along the creek were taken but I have plenty of sun for solar panels and great phone connectivity! This is the view toward the lake.

This is the view of the campground. It is slightly above 7000 ft with daytime time temps in the 70's and night time temps in the 30's!

I took a bird walk along the creek and up to the lake. The creek is so clear, that you can see the bottom of the creek at any point. The lake is almost as clear.

I stopped at a fish cleaning station where a man was cleaning a 4.5 lb rainbow trout! The largest he has ever caught. There is a little store nearby where you can get all the basics like bread, milk and liquor! I was able to ID 23 bird species and get a few good pics like these of a red-tailed hawk.

To see more pics and a complete list of today's birds, click here: Twin Lakes bird list

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Davis Creek County Park- Washoe City, NV

I left Howard's Gulch this morning and drove about 200 miles to Davis Creek Campground. It is another beautiful campground in the midst of tall pine trees! It is $25 a night with no hookups but it does have flush toilets, Potable water and showers! All RV spots are paved and fairly level. you might have trouble finding one to fit a large RV but my little Bigfoot fits just fine.

There is a 1.7 miles hiking trail that wanders around and thru the camp. I birded part of it and identified 16 species which included 3 types of nuthatches and 3 types of woodpeckers, one of which is this White-headed Woodpecker!

I'll be on the road early tomorrow. I will have to take a look at a map to determine my next camp site!

Lahontan Reservoir Recreation Area

I am at Lahontan Reservoir again this year! The water is the lower than on any of my other visits! There is 1 developed camping area but the...