Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Hiking in the Siltcoos area

I started the morning with a birding hike near the campground. Along with birds, I also spotted a beaver and a muskrat. I missed getting a pic of the beaver but I did get this picture of the muskrat!

Further on I saw a mother raccoon with 2 kits. In this picture you can see the mother and one of the kits!

Later I hiked the Siltcoos Lake trail with my friend Rolf! Rolf and his wife Tanja have been coming from Germany almost every year for the last 12 years to spend a month camping at Waxmrytle campground. I met them 4 summers ago while camping.

Rolf doing a bit of bird watching.

We had a great hike. Here, Rolf is inspecting a large cedar snag. He is a Forester in Germany and is fascinated with Oregon trees. They have very few trees this large left in his country! We had great conversations about how our two countries manage their forests. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Back on the Oregon Coast

I cut short my time at Chiloquin as the couple I was going to bird with, hit a deer just a few miles away from our rendezvous spot! They were not hurt but their motorhome will be in the shop for several weeks so without a place to stay they headed out. I headed back to the coast were temps are more moderate and that is how I ended up back at Waxmyrtle campground! There is good birding, hiking, fishing and easy beach access. This is the view from the estuary over look just outside of camp!

As you can see the sun is out and the temps are perfect! I think I am going to spend a lot of time in the area over the next couple months. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Back at Williamson River Campground

After a couple weeks on the Oregon coast I have wandered back to the mountains to spend time in the sun!

My friends, Jim and Jeanette Scott will join me tomorrow for some birding and exploring. Last time here, I drove to the Oux-Kanee overview and enjoyed this sight.

That beautiful blue/green ribbon is Spring Creek. The water is clear enough to see the river bed even in places that are +10 feet deep!

I will spend about a week in the mountains and then head back to the coast as temps will climb over 90 around July 5th up here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sutton Lake Campgound

After spending a week at Waxmyrtle Campgrounds, hiking, birding, fishing and crabbing I have moved to Sutton Lake Campground just a few miles north of Florence!

It costs $12 a night with my Senior Pass so just $1 more than Waxmyrtle. Like Waxmyrtle there are flush toilets and potable water but no waste water dump or showers. It is much quieter here as there are no nearby OHV areas. Lots of trees which make it challenging to find a site with the good sun light I need for my solar power. I finished installing all my panels about a month ago and have not needed to run my generator since! There are lots of ripe Salmon berries which are a treat to eat. They remind me of Raspberries except they are orange. They have a mild taste but are still delicious. There are several hiking trails that take you Sutton Lake, the beach or the nearby Alder Dune campground. I will be hiking and exploring over the next coupe of days!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Wood River Wetlands, Chiloquin, Oregon

Today I visited Wood River Wetlands, a local birding hot spot. It has the highest species count of any location in Klamath County and is less than 10 miles from my camp site! The first hour there I was on sensory overload because of all the sounds and activity! Slowly I began to find focus and started to identify a number of birds and sounds. I spent about 4 hours covering a little over a mile walking along the trail. At the end of that time I had successfully identified 58 bird species including 2 life birds bringing my life total to 351! Here are a few pics to wet your birding taste buds. First a Lazuli Bunting!

Now a Black-necked Stilt.

Last a Ruddy Duck. This is the first time I have seen a male in mating colors with his blue bill! 

To see more pictures and the complete list of today's birds, click here: Wood River ebird check list I will definitely be going back later this week!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Williamson River Campground, Chiloquin, Oregon

I am still here at Williamson River Campground. Birding is fantastic, but before I go into that, I wanted to share pics of other animals here! There are a number of chipmunks and squirrels. One cute squirrel was this Douglas Squirrel that kept a close I an me as I passed by!

Another mammal was this Muskrat that swam past while I was sitting on the river bank.

Now back to birding! I walked from my camp to the border of the Collier State park, about 1.3 miles and back this morning. I identified 43 species of birds including this bright yellow and black American Goldfinch!

Two Pileated woodpeckers! At 16.5 inches in length it is the largest woodpecker in the Northwest.  It is 4 inches longer than the second largest woodpecker, the Northern Flicker!

The prize of the day went to this Black-backed Woodpecker! My 349th Life bird!

Only 1 more species to hit my goal of 350 by the end of this summer!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Williamson River Campground, Chiloquin, OR

I spent last night parked at the Kla-MoYa Casino and took advantage of the $10 free slot play money I received for buying gas at their fuel station. Now I am set up at the Williamson River Campground just over a mile off hwy 97.

It is a USFS campground so with my senior discount it is only $5 a night. It has 20 sites with 2 pit toilets and several potable water spigot scattered about. They have a camp host so that adds a bit of security! There are several trails in the area with good birding. I was able to ID 27 species. Below are a couple pics. The first is a colorful Western Tanager and then a mallard hen and her 5 ducklings!

To see a complete list of today's birds and a few more pics, click here: Williamson River bird list

Hiking in the Siltcoos area

I started the morning with a birding hike near the campground. Along with birds, I also spotted a beaver and a muskrat. I missed getting a p...